architecture and engineering company

RED STUDIO is a multi-disciplinary company, active in the fields of architecture, cultural heritage, engineering and design.
The aim of RED STUDIO is providing the best professional solution for a project managment that guarantees experience, efficiency and competence in the use of innovative technologies.


Borning in 2020 from the common vision of the architect Angela Di Paola, specialist in architectural conservation, the doctor in conservative restoration Maria Scalici (technical director of a restoration company since 2013) and Simone Vecchio, an engineer with a solid experience in the field of cultural heritage.

Given the different background, our professional experiences are complementary. We share a modern, proactive vision of the activities related to cultural, architectual and environmental heritage.

red studio - progettazione 3d


RED STUDIO works at both a national and an international level by providing services concerning:

  • Architectural planning and design, construction and safety management
  • 3D architectural surveys, laser scanning, photogrammetry and diagnostics of cultural heritage, landscape and production sites
  • Reverse engineering and BIM modeling
  • Analysis and monitoring on the state of conservation of architectural and artistic heritage
  • Consulting for the conservation and valorization of cultural and environmental assets
  • Communication, graphics and design
  • Digitalization, research and innovation

‘Knowing how to identify and accurately assess differences is the truly essential factor in any successful diagnosis. EYES AND EARS to see and hear, MEMORY TO REMEMBER immediately and to CALL TO THE MIND at the right moment the impressions, IMAGINATION […], these are the working tools of a successful people’.

Arthur Conan Doyle, A study in Scarlet, 1886 (note to the 3rd edition, n. lit. quote)

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