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How do we work?

RED STUDIO aims at valorizing our cultural heritage, thanks to creative and thecnologically innovative solutions.

The goal of our work is that of acquiring critical knowledge of what surrounds us, every time something unique.

From the analysis of the artifact born the project phase, integrated by scientific and technological research.

The architectural/engineering survey of a building and design solutions are not independent; their dialogue realizes the project itself, which represents the moment when theorical principles and practice meet.

We believe that accurately documenting the cultural heritage lies at the basis of the entire process of conservative restoration, archaeological, historical and artistic research, not only for preserving the heritage but also for letting it be accessible by the community, supervising its maintenance and valorization processes.

The possibility of integrating the technologies at our disposal, together with the opportunity of employing digital tools, is a fundamental step to reach a common goal: knowing our heritage to preserve and valorize it, following the principle according to which a monument is not an isolate artifact but becomes a piece of the society, embodying a cultural, an economic and societal value.

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Rilievo laser scanner 3D - Villa liberty di proprietà privata a Pietrasanta (LU)